A highly modular, loosely coupled, non-frameworky framework for building advanced JavaScript apps.

Why Ampersand.js?

We <3 Backbone.js at &yet. It’s brilliantly simple and solves many common problems in developing clientside applications.

But we missed the focused simplicity of tiny modules in node-land.

We wanted something similar in style and philosophy, but that fully embraced tiny modules, npm, and browserify.

Ampersand.js is a well-defined approach to combining (get it?) a series of intentionally tiny modules.

Read the post introducing ampersand.js on our blog for more background.

Maximize simplicity

If you don’t actively fight for simplicity in software, complexity will win, and it will suck.

  • Everything is a CommonJS module.
  • Everything is installed via npm.
  • Everything is MIT licensed.
  • Trusted versioning with semver.

Designed for rich “app” experiences

  • Modern browsers by default. Unapologetically supporting only IE9+.
  • The browser is a runtime, not a document viewer.
  • <3s realtime apps
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Recent releases


v4.0.2 – Mar 12, 2015


v2.4.0 – Mar 12, 2015


v4.1.0 – Mar 05, 2015

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A foundation for building simple but powerful JS apps with Ampersand.js

Henrik Joreteg introduces practical patterns for powerfully simple application development. Human Javascript is a saner way to write JS.

Buy the book for $39Read it free online

Useful modules


by Philip Roberts

Rainbowed console logs for chrome, opera and firefox in development.


by Henrik Joreteg

Bind models properties to properly prefixed CSS transforms in backbone/humanjs views.


by Henrik Joreteg

cross-browser getUserMedia shim with node.js style error-first API.

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